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We feel teenagers deserve a page of their own!

Adolescence is a highly functional, adaptive period. It is a time of great change in the physical body, in thought content and emotion. The brain undergoes massive reorganisation, establishing new connections between more advanced brain areas, especially the frontal lobe.

Teenagers enjoy excitement, novelty and risk and the company of peers. These traits define adolescence and allow the child to transition from the play of childhood to the advanced brain functions of adulthood, from the family home to the world at large.


Osteopathic care provides support to the teenage body during this time of transition, helping to integrate changes and balance the body.


Adolescent conditions commonly presenting to osteopaths include, but are not limited to:

Postural concerns

Neck and back pain


Sporting and other injury

Digestive discomfort

Sleeping difficulties

Menstrual pain (females)

Emotional challenges

Depression and anxiety

Learning difficulties


It is important to note that osteopathic care does not claim to cure any of the conditions listed above. The osteopath’s role is to remove physical tension in the body using gentle and safe techniques that may contribute to many symptoms experienced by the adolescent.


Our osteopath acknowledges that adolescence may present many challenges to the individual’s identity and self-esteem.  The teenage brain is sensitive oxytocin, a neural hormone, which (among other things) makes social connections in particular more rewarding. In turn, the teenager can react to peer exclusion much as they respond to threats to physical health or food supply.

The osteopathic consultation fosters a safe environment where the adolescent can relax. Our osteopath understands that body image can be a sensitive subject for some teenagers and any treatment can be easily applied through clothing.

Techniques used in adolescents include gentle soft tissue massage, joint articulation, gentle (cranial and biodynamic) techniques, and on occasion, joint manipulation. All techniques used are dependent on parental consent and in feedback with the teenage patient to ensure their safety and comfort.


To find out if osteopathy is suitable for your teenager, it is best to speak with our osteopath.

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