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Osteopathic care encompasses much more than massage and joint manipulation, it is a philosophy based on four basic principles, which together collectively state that the body functions as a whole and has the ability to self-heal.

Osteopaths provide treatment to the physical body structure with their hands.  Treatment is directed to specific areas, specific for each person and presentation.

The object of osteopathic care is to promote health in the body.  The osteopath does this using soft tissue massage, joint articulation, some joint manipulation and very subtle (cranial or biodynamic) techniques.  These techniques release tension and strain in the muscles, ligaments and joints of the body, often accompanied by a release of emotional stress.

The releasing of body tension improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage throughout the body, making it easier for tissues and organs to return to a state of balance and healthy function.

All osteopaths treat differently.  Our Osteopaths choose to use a combination of functional and gentle approaches, the most gentle when providing osteopathy for babies and children.


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