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Growing Bones provides holistic health care and movement therapy for babies, children, teenagers and adults in Seddon, VIC.

Our intention to support the physical, social and emotional health & wellbeing of the individual, and promote enjoyable social relationships in families and the community.

We understand physical, emotional and social environmental influences shape the way that children grow and develop. Services for babies and children including osteopathy, aromatherapy and massage, plus movement therapy, work to release areas of tension in the physical body.  Our goal is to create a balanced physical and emotional foundation within the infant and child, to support free exploration, healthy emotional responses and physical growth towards full potential.

As we age, our body's ability to self-heal generally decreases. Activities that we once found easy, become more taxing, and our recovery time becomes longer.  Services including osteopathy, aromatherapy and massage, plus movement therapy, work to ensure the maturing physical body remains flexible, balanced and functional throughout the lifespan.

Movement is central to life, our bodies are designed to move. Healthy movement and postural patterns support not only physical health, but also emotional health and self esteem.  Growing Bones offers both individualised movement therapy, as well as Group Classes.
Movement therapy for the individual:
INPP neuro-motor assessment and exercise prescription for learning read more
Oro-facial muscle retraining for heathy breathing, dentition, facial development and posture read more
Movement therapy group classes:
Baby Massage read more
Clinical Pilates read more
Osteo-Grooves- neuro-develpmental support and emotional development though dance play read more
Biodanza (self-development dance) read more
Yoga for all ages read more

To enquire about our services, or make an appointment, please contact us on (03) 9687 3040.