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Osteo-Massage is remedial massage applied with osteopathic knowledge.

Osteo-massage is holistic and soft-tissue focused, incorporating both massage and stretching techniques, which indirectly work on healthy joint position.

Our osteopaths, Camille Wallin and Stephanie Trembath, offer osteo-massage in addition to their osteopathic consults.

osteopathy-imageDo I need osteopathy, or osteo-massage?

Osteo-Massage is a good option for those who respond well to massage and stretching and enjoy are looking for a more general, holistic osteopathic approach.

Osteopathy is a better option for specific or severe injuries or pain, which often require a comprehensive osteopathic approach including joint mobilisation and postural correction.

Osteo-Massage, what to expect:

Consultations include a short case history and examination, with an in depth therapeutic massage treatment. Consultations may also include postural advice and exercise or stretching programs.

Conditions which may benefit from osteo-massage include:

Low back pain
Muscular aches & stiffness
Neck and shoulder pain
Stress-related tension
Postural problems
Sporting or repetitive strain injuries
Carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow
Joint pain and stiffness
Pregnancy-related back pain
Sports injuries
Postural concerns
….and much more!

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact us or book online.