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At Growing Bones we offer treatment for the young and old, male or female. However we understand the female body is unique and offend requires specialised support to adapt to it many changes throughout life: pre-puberty through puberty, pre-conception, pregnancy, motherhood, menopause and beyond.

Pre-puberty through Puberty:

Adolescence is a highly functional, adaptive period. It is a time of great change in the female body, in thought content and emotion. The brain undergoes massive reorganisation, establishing new connections between more advanced brain areas, especially the frontal lobe.
Osteopathic care provides support to the female teenage body during this time of transition, helping to integrate changes and balance the body. Our osteopaths understand that pre-puberty through puberty may present many challenges to the individual’s identity and self-esteem. The teenage brain is sensitive oxytocin, a neural hormone, which (among other things) makes social connections in particular more rewarding. In turn, the teenager can react to peer exclusion much as they respond to threats to physical health or food supply. The osteopathic consultation at Growing Bones fosters a safe environment where the adolescent can relax. Our osteopaths understands that body image can be a sensitive subject for some teen girls and any treatment can be easily applied through clothing.  Techniques used in adolescents include gentle soft tissue massage, joint articulation, gentle (cranial and biodynamic) techniques, and on occasion, joint manipulation. All techniques used are dependent on parental consent and in feedback with the teenage patient to ensure their safety and comfort.


Falling pregnant is not always easy and can become a stressful process if it’s not happening as planned.
Osteopathy to assist conception involves the use of gentle soft-tissue massage, stretching and subtle balancing (cranial/biodynamic) techniques to reduce bodily pain, restore postural balance, improve fluid dynamics (blood flow, venous and lymphatic drainage) throughout the pelvis and pelvic organs and offer professional support and stress relief.
Aromatherapy and Massage may help to provide balance, both physically and emotionally. Hormonal balance is vital for a healthy pregnancy to take place. Essential oils can be used to help balance a woman’s (or a man’s) endocrine system by regulating menstruation, reducing stress and improving sleep patterns. Stress and anxiety causes the body to release stress compounds such as cortisol which can interrupt hormone balance. Much research has been done on the benefits of aromatherapy and massage in helping to restore the nervous system and bring balance to the body.
Fertility Charting- Billings Ovulation Method  is a natural method of fertility management. It teaches you to recognise your body's natural signal of fertility.
Psychology during this time may help individuals and couples to reduce stress, anxiety and depressive states which are essential for hormonal balance and healthy fertility.
Nutrition and dietetics consultations help women and men optimise nutrition in their diet to restore healthy hormone levels and tissue health for successful conception and a healthy pregnancy.


GrowingBones feels that pregnancy is one of the most important periods in a woman’s life, and we are happy to provide services to ensure that this special time is comfortable for both mother and baby. Feeling well and pain free in pregnancy is important for bother mother and baby. Research suggests that infants are born with biochemical profiles identical to their mothers. That is, when the pregnant woman is stressed, in pain or depressed, cortisol (the hormone of stress) is released and produces survival responses in the mother and her developing baby.
Fortunately this works both ways- maternal feelings of relaxation and well-being promote the release of feel-good hormones that are reflected in the growing baby, supporting infantile growth in a stress-free and emotionally nourishing environment.
Osteopathic treatment in pregnancy may help the pregnant body better adapt to the changes in weight, position and size of the growing baby inside the accommodating uterus.  The osteopath uses gentle soft-tissue massage, stretching and subtle balancing (cranial/biodynamic) techniques that help to reduce pain, improve postural balance, promote pelvic stability, promote healthy flexibility, and improve fluid dynamics (blood flow, venous and lymphatic drainage) throughout the body.
Growing Bones feels that osteopathy and movement therapy during pregnancy provides a wonderful opportunity to establish lasting changes in the physical body of the woman, which may also positively influence foetal development and thus can provide much more than pain relief. Osteopathic care can make the most of greater flexibility and postural shifts, working to gently release areas of chronic restriction and injury to balance the female body in pregnancy and positively affect function and thereafter.
Aromatherapy under qualified, expert care aromatherapy is safe and may enhance wellbeing through each stage of pregnancy in the following ways:
Alleviate common discomforts such as nausea, muscular complaints, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, pruritis (itch), fatigue, insomnia and emotional upsets.
Help maintain good general health through regular use of essential oils and prevention and early treatment of infections
Support your pregnancy through reduction of stress and anxiety and ensure good sleep patterns.
Preparation for labour, both physically and psychologically.
Research regarding the use of essential oils during pregnancy and birth is very positive leading to aromatherapy being incorporated into various health care settings. Aromatherapy can be combined with massage to support the changing body during pregnancy and is valuable for birth preparation. One study done by The Touch research Institute showed a reduction in anxiety, stress hormones and obstetrical complications in women who received regular massage during their pregnancies.
Psychology - coming soon
Nutrition and Dietetics  - coming soon
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Osteopathy may assist in optimal foetal positioning by using non-invasive gentle soft-tissue massage, stretching and subtle balancing (cranial/biodynamic) techniques to rebalance the pregnant body and therefore allow the foetus to shift position without applying direct force.
Induction massage aims to promote uterine contractions and induce labour naturally.
can be employed for childbirth to help reduce anxiety, encourage relaxation, promote uterine contractions and relieve pain as well as to treat associated symptoms such as nausea and fatigue. Fear, anxiety and stress can have a negative impact on the commencement and progress of labour. Odour has a direct pathway to the area of the brain that governs fear and research shows the use of positive aromas can help to reduce pain perception.
Consultation with a qualified aromatherapist is strongly recommended when using essential oils during pregnancy. Sonya uses high quality essential oils and a variety of massage techniques safe and appropriate for each stage of pregnancy.
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Post-Partum & Motherhood:

Each stage of our children’s lives brings new challenges as parents. Especially significant for parent is the saying “fill your own cup first so you can give to others”
Osteopathy for new mothers is essential. Post birth, a woman's body undergoes extensive physiological changes in almost all body systems: reproductive, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, urinary, neurological, hormonal, and as many women will feel- the musculoskeletal system. In the first 1 to 2 days after childbirth, many women experience muscle fatigue and aches, particularly of the shoulders, neck, and arms, because of exertion during labor. The levels of the hormone relaxin gradually subside, and ligaments and cartilage of the pelvis begin to return to their pre-pregnancy positions. These changes can cause hip and joint pain that often interferes with ambulation and exercise.  Abdominal wall weakness, abdominal separation and pelvic floor weakness are common. Osteopathy in the first few weeks post birth may help provide comfort and relaxation by decreasing muscular tension and improving postural balance.  Prescription of gentle stretches and postural advice further assists mothers physically recover and remain functional outside the osteopathic rooms, so they are free to care for their new arrival. 
Becoming a new mum (or dad) is life changing! This time is full of wonder and excitement as well as challenges and readjustment. During the postnatal period aromatherapy and massage can be beneficial for new mums as they recover from birth and adjust to the physical as well as emotional demands of motherhood. Aromatherapy and/or massage can provide support for new mums in the following ways:
- Healing of wounds & prevention of infection
- Relief from muscular tension, often associated with birth or breastfeeding posture
- Help treat breastfeeding issues: under or over supply, mastitis
- Ease other discomforts e.g. digestive issues, poor sleep, fatigue
- Alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression, low confidence
- Empowerment as a new mum by learning how to care for your family with natural, aromatic remedies. Sonya provides nurturing treatments specific to your needs at any stage in your parenting journey. Mother Nurture aromatherapy products are also available at Growing Bones to help nurture the whole family.
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Baby Massage

Menopause and Beyond:

Osteopathy for post-menopausal women aims to maintain flexibility and joint mobility.  Physical activity in our older years is essential for healthy bone density and heart health.
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