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Osteopaths and Complementary Holistic Practitioners

Welcome To The Growing Bones Difference!

Established in April 2013, our clinic is located in the Melbourne inner-city suburb of Yarraville. We serve patients from all nearby suburbs including the Melbourne CBD, Williamstown, Port Melbourne, Footscray, Seddon, Werribee, Newport, Spotswood, and West Footscray.


We offer osteopathic treatment and holistic care for women, pregnancy, babies, children… and everyone else!

Our osteopathic philosophy is all about Growing Bones!

The growing bodies of babies and children are literally sculpted by the way they use them. In our early years it is body function, body movement, environmental and muscular forces that inform our structural growth. Holistic osteopathy for babies and children promotes balanced body posture and optimal body function throughout the early years to give little bodies a head start.

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We also provide general osteopathic care for adults, athletes, and seniors.

For adults, the reverse is true. Our body structure is now fixed and informs the limits of body function. Our osteopaths use their hands to free up areas of structural restriction to improve pain-free body function, so that movement through life becomes easy. Holistic osteopathy for adults at Growing Bones involves whole body assessment, individualised treatment, and take home advice and exercises if necessary.

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Our Osteopaths

There is an art to osteopathy. Our osteopaths use creative thinking and clinical reasoning based on 5 years university training plus years of clinical experience to develop treatment approaches for the person, not the problem. Our work stays interesting, fun and enjoyable….and our patients receive the best treatment to resolve their concern.

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Our range of Holistic Services supports your osteopathic treatment:

Growing Bones offers a wide range of holistic services that are complementary to, and supportive of, osteopathic care and ideal for all ages...aromatherapy-image


Longer osteopathic appointment times allow for an individualised approach.

We believe that sometimes it takes time to treat a patient comprehensively. We enjoy our work, and like to take the time with patients.

Your initial consultation will be one full hour to allow ample time for your osteopath to fully understand the history of the presenting complaint, thoroughly assess your condition, and ascertain the best individualised treatment approach fully tailored to your unique needs.

Subsequent consults at 30 minutes are standard. For complex or chronic conditions, you have the option of 45 minute subsequent consults.

Longer return consults are suggested for patients...

  • With complex or chronic conditions
  • With three or more body areas to be treated
  • Who have not had osteopathic treatment for more that 6 months


Movement classes and massage workshops!

As osteopaths, we understand that regular physical movement is central to a healthy life, and that our bodies are designed to move and move often! We need to stretch, bend, run, jump, and play! That’s why we offer a wide range of movement classes and workshops:

Yoga: to promote a healthy body, mind and spirit.

  • classes-workshops-imageYoga - General: Ideal for all skill levels
  • Yoga - Clinical: Hatha / Flow To aid recovery in injury or illness.
  • Yoga - Gentle, Yin, Restoritive: To reduce stress and replensih the body and mind.
  • Mums and Bub Yoga
  • Yoga for Pregnancy


Clinical Pilates: a system of safe and effective exercises which meet your specific individual needs.

  • Pilates - General: Ideal for all skill levels
  • Pregnancy Pilates
  • Mum and Bub Pilates


Barre Pilates: Barre - General: Ideal for all skill levels

  • Barre for Pregnancy
  • Barre for Mum and Bub


Osteo Grooves: Neuro-develpmental support and emotional development though dance play!

  • Mum and Bub
  • Children 2-5 years
  • Primary / Secondary School

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Want to know more about Growing Bones Osteopaths, Holistic Services, or Classes?

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