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Aromatherapy for Anxiety

by Sonya Edmonds

An increasing number of people are presenting with anxiety, including young children. Whether it’s a diagnosed condition or comes in transient episodes in relation to life events, everyone can benefit from the use of aromatherapy to help reduce anxiety and it’s related symptoms.

So how would essential oils help?

Simply inhaling an essential oil can have an instant and powerful effect on our mind and bodies. Essential oil vapours enter the nose where we have olfactory (smell) receptors, which transmit information to various parts of the brain. This can produce an effect on our emotions, behaviour and hormonal activity. Our brain also identifies smells we know; producing a positive or negative effect on a person dependent on the particular memory evoked.


'In my daughter’s school assembly item just before Mother’s day some of the children read out poems they had written about their mothers.
I noticed 6 out of 7 children related how the aroma of their mum or her cooking provided comfort and joy.
Children respond really well to aromatherapy and love the experience of choosing their own special blend to ‘help the butterflies go away’ and provide comfort when they’re upset.'




There are certainly some ‘go to’ essential oils for anxiety.smell

  • Geranium, Bergamot and Fragonia can help to balance the emotions
  • Lavender, Mandarin and Sweet Orange can relax and calm
  • Sandalwood, Cedarwood or Vetiver are grounding.




Your choice of oil can depend on symptoms experienced and the cause of the anxiety. A consultation with a qualified aromatherapist will enable the creation of personalised blends & treatments specific to your needs.


Read more about Sonya and clinical aromatherapy here. 

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