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Aromatic Kinesiology

By Sonya Edmonds

blossom heart

Earlier this year I studied Aromatic Kinesiology Level One with Robbi Zeck. Robbi, an experienced kinesiologist and passionate aromatherapist, saw the opportunity for a “marriage” between these two modalities. She went on to develop the Essential Oil Reflections and her beautiful book The Blossoming Heart.


Aromatic kinesiology has really enriched my practice as a clinical aromatherapist, providing another avenue for choosing and using essential oils to enhance wellbeing.



So how does it work?



Stress related illness is ever increasing. You may have heard of ‘muscle testing’ or ‘energy testing’, which kinesiologists use to detect stress in the body. Aromatic Kinesiology uses very simple muscle testing techniques to help clarify the body’s needs and determine which essential oil would be appropriate in bringing balance to the body and mind. I use the following simple explanation. Rather than me using my head to decide on the remedy, the client is giving me the answers energetically, from their heart.


muscle testing

Aromas have a direct link to our brain, our Limbic system, which is our emotional centre. In this way essential oils can help change our way of thinking and perception of stressful situations. Often the essential oil that is “chosen” will surprise me, but on reading out the Essential Oil Reflection that accompanies it the client sees the relevance.

One instance I have seen some really positive results with including Aromatic Kinesiology into my consultations, is with pregnant women wanting induction treatments. I feel there are many different reasons a woman’s body doesn’t progress to birth, often nothing that is obvious. Aromatic Kinesiology looks beyond the obvious and has produced some amazing results.



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