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Through dance and communication exercises, Biodanza creates an environment for deep and nourishing lived moments in the awareness of participants to directly produce states of relaxation and feelings of happiness.


Biodanza20101219101219 (64)Benefits of Biodanza for everybody:

  • The exercises in Biodanza cultivate feelings of wellbeing, and these feelings naturally extend into the life of the participant.
  • Biodanza facilitates the individual’s ability to genuinely express his or herself through dance, and form enjoyable social relationships in the Biodanza group, and this has a direct correlation with the ability to do so outside the Biodanza group.
  • The beauty of Biodanza is that it has the ability to make participants feel vibrant, playful and grateful for the life they live and share with others.  The nourishing effects on physiology are just a bonus, for above all else, Biodanza allows participants to have fun.


What to Expect:

The Biodanza session usually goes for 90minutes and there is some time at the beginning of the class for participants to introduce them selves and share verbally about a Biodanza experience if they wish.

Participants are then invited to leave verbal communication for the remainder of the class to relax the mind, facilitate body awareness and creative expression from the instincts.


The Biodanza class is composed of around ten exercises, usually introduced with music.  At the beginning of each exercise the facilitator will give a short introduction and demonstration of her interpretation of the dance.  She will then restart the piece of music from the beginning and invite participants to dance their interpretation of the exercise.

Biodanza invites participants to join in individual exercises, exercises with a partner and group exercises.  Every exercise in Biodanza is an invitation, and not compulsory and thus encourages the participant to self-regulate in feedback with the group.



To express interest in our Biodanza classes for everybody, please contact us on (03) 9687 3040.



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