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Biodanza is an invitation to dance with Life- fully, intensely, joyfully!

BIODANZABorn in South America, this uplifting fusion of music, movement and genuine connection is being embraced around the world as a path to new ways of living and relating.

When we change how we move, we change how we feel and how we live.

Immersing in Biodanza can feel like a breath of fresh air – after a session people commonly feel energized, relaxed and content, more in touch with others and with themselves.

The emotional responses cultivated in a Biodanza session influence all areas of the physiology. Biodanza invites the participant to integrate what they hear (music) with what they express (movement) and what they feel (emotion), all of which has an integrative and harmonising effect on the nervous, immune and endocrine (hormonal) systems and heightens the body’s capacity for adaptation and self healing.

These physiological changes support positive patterns for living to emerge in us, take root, and grow . . . with regular Biodanza, many people find their lives and relationships transforming.

Sessions of Biodanza are suitable for everyone. No dance experience is needed. Read more about your first class.


“Biodanza is exactly what I was looking for – for a long time. Freestyle, intuitive, reaching deeply into my being, expressing so many aspects of myself. Realizing and experiencing deep connection between physical movement and state of mind . . . A truly liberating experience!”
Len, Biodanza participant at a meditation retreat


GrowingBones considers Biodanza to ‘bridge-the-gap’ in health care by acknowledging the importance of creative expression and genuine, enjoyable social relationships for the health of an individual.







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