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Clinical Pilates Classes for Everybody 

Pilates for everybody classes are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Clinical pilates by definition is exercise with a clinical application. Pilates at GrowingBones offers just that, with all our classes designed and instructed in harmony with osteopathic principles, and delivered to small groups of four to ensure individual guidance.

Our clinical pilates classes for everybody classes are designed for participants with little or no experience of pilates under clinical instruction, with the objective of developing the following qualities:

  • Fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Co-ordination
  • Balance
  • Beautiful posture
  • Efficient and full breathing
  • ‘Core’ strength
  • Muscle definition and tone
  • Injury prevention
  • Vitality
  • Sound sleep


Our clinical pilates classes for everybody are offered on a casual basis during sample weeks, and as term bookings.  Sample weeks allow participants to try our classes before signing up for a term program.  Term programs allow participants to build on basic exercises learnt in the first lessons, resulting in lasting improvements in body awareness, posture, flexibility and function.


Participant testimonials:

‘After the first session of pilates I felt muscles moving in places they should be.  I feel pilates has improved my posture, especially the position and alignment of my neck and back. I recommend pilates with Melissa to anyone who has posture/back issues’.

 Carly, 27, City Ranger


‘I have found participating in regular pilates classes very beneficial in maintaining freedom of movement and strengthening my core muscles.  Melissa is very good at pointing out  how to perform the exercises with the most benefit’. 

        Lidia, 45, Receptionist.


‘Melissa prescribed me a Pilates based programme which through regular practise has fully rid me of all back pain and prevented any regression and besides has been beneficial to my overall health.’     

      Ali, 43, Sound Engineer.