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Pilates Classes

What’s the difference between regular pilates vs. ‘clinical’ pilates?

You’ll find pilates classes in almost every suburb in Australia. But not all pilates classes are created the same. Clinical pilates is very different to regular pilates because rather than taking a class by a pilates instructor, clinical pilates classes are conducted under the guidance of clinical pilates-trained osteopath, or other health professional. Also, the exercises that you’ll do can be specifically prescribed to your particular health condition or circumstances.

For example, if you’re recovering from pregnancy, childbirth or from a C-section, the exercises you will be instructed to perform will be specifically designed with consideration for your body posture, flexibility, strength and any pain - to increase pelvic floor muscle and abdominal strength.

Your clinical pilates instructor may be your osteopath, or a general instructor that works closely with your osteopath. Communication between your osteopath and instructor allows for in-depth knowledge of your osteopathic history and treatment, previous injuries or illnesses, healing and movement patterns. With this knowledge and expertise, they will be able to prescribe the exercises that will most beneficial for you.

Clinical pilates classes at GrowingBones

Clinical pilates classes at GrowingBones are designed in harmony with osteopathic principles specifically for you and your wellbeing. All exercises can be completely customised and personalised to promote balance in the physical body, allowing for healthy circulation, healthy function, toned physique, and evenly distributed forces through the spine and lower body, which together keep the body pain free and youthful.

Clinical pilates uses carefully designed and instructed exercises, coordinated with breathing, to educate the body and establish healthy movement patterns for postural balance, flexibility and stability.

Most importantly, clinical pilates facilitates the development of greater awareness of the form and function of the body, allowing participants to apply what they learn in class throughout daily life for boosted strength, stability and mobility.

We offer clinical pilates classes for all ages and abilities:

Pilates - General Clinical Pilates - Pregnancy Pilates - Mum & Baby Pilates

Pilates - General Clinical

Ideal for all ages, abilities, and skill levels. Your general clinical pilates class will provide you with a program of pilates exercises that are personalised to your circumstances and aligned with osteopathic principles. Your instructor will provide you with individualised supervision along with some exercises you can do on your own at home.

Perfect for those recovering from illness or injury, or just wanting to tone up after a long period of being sedentary.

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Pilates - Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of significant physical changes. Keeping the body moving, supple, and strong is paramount for physical wellbeing for mum and baby.

Our pilates classes for pregnancy are designed and instructed in harmony with osteopathic and obstetric principles. The exercises in our clinical pilates classes for pregnancy are designed to stretch, support and balance the connective tissue and muscles of the lower spine and pelvis that may influence the position and tone of the uterus, whilst keeping mama's body balanced, strong and pain free.
Our pregnancy-focused clinical pilates classes and delivered to small groups to ensure individual guidance. All exercises can be adapted for you and your pregnancy. For example, if you’re experiencing lower back, pelvic or neck pain, your instructor will provide specific exercises with the aim of relieving your discomfort, or alternatives to ensure your comfort.

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Pilates - Mum and Baby

Baby has arrived! Now the real work begins. But don’t forget to nurture yourself as well. As new mothers it’s important to remember the old adage -- you can’t give from an empty cup. Our mum and baby pilates classes support new mothers as they return to increased physical activity in a relaxed and calming environment.

Pilates is a great way to increase energy, enhance positive mood, gain physical strength, and improve body image and posture postnatally.

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