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Growing Bones offers a wide range of holistic services that are complementary to osteopathic care and ideal for all ages...


aromatherapy-imageAromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage can improve muscle and joint function, enhance blood circulation, and relieve both physical tension and mental stress. Ideal for pregnancy or postnatal mothers, nurturing aromatherapy massage will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. We also offer aromatherapy massage courses for babies, and massage treatments for older children and adults! Read more about aromatherapy massage here.


Osteopathic Massage

Osteopathic massage aims to free-up restrictions or stiffness within muscles and joints to not only improve the body’s movement and posture, but also blood flow, venous and lymphatic drainage and nerve conduction. Osteo massage may help boost the body’s vitality and energy levels, immune system responses, and ability to fight disease. Read more about osteopathic massage here.


Baby Massage ClassesMother massaging baby

Baby massage is a wonderful way to physically bond with your baby! It also supports many important physiological systems in the infant to improve sleep quality, aid digestion and weight gain, promote circulation, and ease teething discomfort. Great for mums, dads, and caregivers. Read more about baby massage classes here.


Dry Needling

Muscles that are sore and tense often have tender spots in them that are called trigger points, commonly know as “knots”. These points are the focus of a dry needling treatment, whereby fine filament needles are used to release these points. Releasing these points can improve the ability of the muscle to contract and release, consequently improving the function of surrounding joints, nerves and vessels.
Read more about dry needling treatments here.


Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Lauren Clarke is a pelvic floor Physiotherapist at Growing Bones. Her main clinical areas of interest are pelvic floor muscle dysfunction (that may include urinary or faecal incontinence, vaginal prolapse, sexual or chronic pelvic pain) and conditions associated with the lactating breast. Read more about our pelvic floor physiotherapy services here.


Naturopathy and Nutrition

Renee is a Naturopath at Growing Bones. She is all about helping you to make practical, personalised and gradual changes to your health to yield lasting results. She will educate and support you to make long term, sustainable changes, with each client given individual treatments and recommendations tailored to their needs. Renee uses herbal medicine, flower essences, nutritional supplements, dietary analysis and probiotics to help you achieve optimal health. Read more about our naturopathy and nutrition services here. 


Our Workshops


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