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Osteo-Grooves - Primary / Secondary is a fusion of music, movement and dance play to support children reach their full physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual potential.

Developed by osteopath Melissa McDougall, the class draws on four areas functional movement research- clinical pilates, INPP neuro-motor learning, Biodanza (dance play) and nasal breathing.

Benefits of Osteo Grooves - Children 2-5 Years:

  • Training of the vestibular system (balance), essential for learning- physically and intellectually.
  • Supports neuro-motor maturity and integration, again essential for learning.
  • Improvement in motor-coordination, fitness, posture and body-image.
  • Encourages nasal breathing, essential for healthy facial development and a healthy respiratory system.
  • Development of self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Stimulation of creativity, creative potential and expression.
  • Learning to relate to others with empathy, tolerance and acceptance.
  • Experiencing the regulation and healthy expression of emotions.

What to expect:
The class follows the format of an adventure theme. The facilitator leads the children to follow a story relating to the theme with different movements and dances. All exercises have purpose behind them, although to children it may feel as if they are just HAVING FUN!

Why enrol your child in Osteo Grooves - Children 2-5 Years?

MORE MOVEMENT: Children need to express themselves to understand who they are, they need play and adventure to understand what they enjoy. Children need to move, as movement is essential for learning. We all learn with our bodies before our minds.

A BODY FOR LEARNING: Osteo-Grooves gives children the opportunity to learn by moving, which enhances learning.  Specific exercises that support the development of balance and co-ordination are not only essential for providing physical stability in space, but also serve as an important foundation for academic learning.  Postural control is linked to a least three body systems- vestibular (balance), proprioception (feedback from the skin, muscles and joints of the body) and vision. These three systems must be functioning well together to support academic success- otherwise children may have difficulties with eye tracking, sitting still, and maintaining attention once they reach primary school.

FACILITATION OF CO-OPERATION, SHARING AND FRIENDSHIP: Movement and emotion are intrinsically linked, Osteo-Grooves facilitates the expression of emotions though movement and dance, and encourages co-operation, sharing and care for others though group activities; both are essential for healthy self-esteem, self-expression and healthy social interaction.

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