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Osteo-Grooves - Mum + Bub is a class designed to:Mother with happy baby doing exercises with gymnastic ball

  • Facilitate maternal healing and physical recovery post birth
  • Offer a community and support to new mothers
  • Enhance attachment between mum and bub


Developed by osteopath Melissa McDougall, the class draws on four areas functional movement research- clinical pilates, INPP neuro-motor learning, Biodanza (dance play) and nasal breathing.

What to expect:
There is some time at the beginning of the class for participants to introduce them selves and share verbally, if they wish.  A sequence of around 10 exercises are then introduced, that firstly work on warming up the body and re-setting posture, then shift to more emotive movement between mother and baby, and the group as a whole. Some exercises are maternal centred, others more infant centred.

What is helpful to bring to the class:

  • Blanket or mat for baby
  • Baby carrier (i.e. ergo-baby, manduca, wrap)


Why enrol in Osteo Grooves - Mum + Bub?

EMBODYING MOTHERHOOD: Osteo-Grooves gives mothers the opportunity to integrate how they feel with how they move.  Movement and emotion are intrinsically linked, Osteo-Grooves facilitates the development of positive emotions associated with motherhood, using well researched music and specific body exercises and postures.

MUM'S PHYSICAL RECOVERY AND CONDITIONING: Pilates based exercises are selected specifically for new mothers and are part of every Osteo Grooves - Mum + Bub class. Exercises aim to condition and heal the abdominal wall and pelvic floor, strengthen postural muscles and stretch tight muscles common to new mothers.

BABY'S BODY FOR LEARNING: balanced body posture sets up for balanced and healthy learning- physically and academically. Osteo Grooves - Mum + Bub exercises and activities for baby facilitate body symmetry, balanced movement and muscle tone- all of which are essential for learning and development.

FACILITATION OF CO-OPERATION, SHARING AND FRIENDSHIP:  Osteo Grooves encourages openness and honesty though group activities and facilitates healthy attachment between mother and baby- both are essential for self-confidence as a mother,  and for healthy foundations for child development.

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