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Osteomoves… spinal care to rival Dr. Google!

omThis App is designed by osteopathic physicians to help individuals help themselves.

Have you ever felt pain in your back or neck and wondered (or googled)….
‘Do I apply heat or ice to help my pain?’
‘Which stretches should I be doing to help and not re-aggravate my injury?

Based on the most common clinical presentations, Osteomoves is the next best thing to having an osteopath with you all all times!

The structure of the body and the function of the body are interrelated. Balanced and flexible body structure brings about optimal body function. Being able to move freely physical correlates to being able to manoeuvre through our thoughts and emotions with ease.

Get it on your phone and start moving to your best self:
Link for the Apple's
Link for the Android's

Injury assessment of three different body areas:
head / neck / shoulders
upper back / ribcage / mid back
lower back / hips / pelvis

Rehabilitation and conditioning advice

Health screen for serious injury*

om 2Severity grading of each injury*:

Links to finding your local osteopath:
United Kingdom

Education and suggestions for HEAT or ICE application, based information you provide

Individualised stretches, nine osteopathic exercise videos for you to watch and perform, based information you provide

A log screen, allowing you to:
track your pain levels over 9 days
mark your dedication to your stretches, morning and night

Ability to graph your pain levels and dedication, and visually see your progress

Osteomoves is movement towards your best self.
Jump in an be great!


*In making this Application available to you, Growing Bones Pty Ltd is providing a general education and informational service only and does not purport to give medical advice, diagnoses or treatments. Information appearing on this Application should not be substituted for the advice and treatment of your physician or health care provider. You should consult your physician or health care provider before using any exercises or treatments appearing on this Application, and none of the information appearing on this Application should be used, nor treatments performed without independent professional advice.

For more information, please contact support at osteomoves@growingbones.com.au




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