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At Growing Bones, we specialise in paediatrics and oro-facial function.

Several lactation consultants and dentists refer infants to our clinic for feeding difficulties, some of these infants present with tongue and lip tie, and some post-surgical release.

Our osteopaths, Melissa McDougall, Elizabeth Dwyer and Amanda Bell treat many infants presenting pre and post tongue and lip tie release, or with latching/feeding difficulties.

Osteopathic treatment in these cases includes assessment and treatment of total body posture and tone, diaphragm function and suck reflexes, cranial base and upper neck balance, jaw structure and position, body posture and functional movement, and function of tongue and other accessory oral muscles.

Osteopathic treatment aims to:

  • release tension from oro-facial muscles.
  • improve tone, current resting position and function of the tongue.
  • balance cranial base and upper cervical spine structures to support healthy physical development and maintain airway.
  • re-train movement patterns of the tongue, face, cervical spine, and entire body. At an early age, function informs structure, so importance is placed on setting up healthy movement patterns from a young age.

Your baby’s first osteopathic treatment at Growing Bones, what to expect:

  • The osteopath will take a detailed case history, including information about labour and birth, weight gain, developmental milestones, and current function (feeding, sleeping, gastrointestinal and breathing patterns, plus skin condition).
  • a neonatal exam follows, where the osteopath will check your baby’s hips, reflexes, postural tone and movement.
  • osteopathic assessment then involves assessing the quality of tissues and position of the body, to identify any areas of restriction that may be contributing to feeding and latching difficulties.
  • osteopathic diagnosis is made and treatment recommendations are made to the parent/s.
  • osteopathic treatment is then provided, along with home management including baby positioning and exercises.

Please note, manipulation (defined as ‘cracking’ or forceful joint movement) is not practiced on infants at Growing Bones. The osteopath uses simple body positioning and gentle massage, and uses no more pressure than would be used whilst holding or dressing an infant.

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Please contact us to find out how osteopathy may support your little one: call us on 03 9687 3040, or make an appointment using our secure online booking tool.

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