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Pilates Running / Functional Running / Power Walking
Pilates is more a philosophy than a form of exercise. The principles of pilates aim to develop the body’s capacity to move gracefully and efficiently, this means getting the most out of the energy we expend in any activity.

Pilates running, or functional running is all about learning how to move effortlessly and efficiently with perfect posture, using our extensor muscles (calves, hamstrings, butt muscles, upper back and shoulder muscles) to propel us forward.

Running is one of those types of activities, where small alterations in postural or movement patterns can become symptomatic quite quickly.  Lots of thing must 'be right' for running to be enjoyable and effortless. Running requires not only stability of the core and hips, but also flexibility of the foot, ankle, knee and hip; strength of the extensors muscles of the body (back, butt and hamstrings) as well as healthy breathing patterns.

We’ve designed this course to teach pilates principles in motion, to get you running freely!


Course details

Casual weekend workshops and 4 week courses

  •  pilates warm up
  • functional strength training
  • posture perfect running drills
  • class size = maxium of 8
  • *4 week courses: personalised home program for each participant on completion of 4 weeks

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