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Learn how to move well post-baby with Barre:
90 min Postnatal workshop with Tania Rahman

Thursday October 5th at 7pm

This postnatal workshop will go through some simple exercises you can do at home when you've got a quiet moment to yourself.

Utilising items easily found in the house, Tania will walk you through some moves you can do at home to strengthen, tone and lengthen the muscles.

With gentle core and pelvic floor exercises, and arms, legs and bottom work, the sequence will condition the body for ease of movement so you can enjoy the most out of life with your new baby.

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Barre for New Mothers

Your world changes drastically when there's a new baby in your life. However, it is important to still have some "me time" to recharge and rebuild strength in the body postnatally, as well as prevent burnout. Doing exercise on a regular basis has been proven to boost energy levels, promote better sleep, and regulate postpartum mood and hormones.
mum and bub barre

Barre is a great way to get back into shape post-pregnancy, as it is low impact and helps build and tone muscles by using small, isometric moves and holds.

With a focus on improving posture, and proper alignment, barre uses body weight resistance as well as light weights to tone and sculpt the body and reintroduce strength in the abdominals. It'll make all the frequent feeding, baby carrying and nappy changing that much easier when your body is conditioned to take on the extra load.

Growing Bones offers Barre classes and workshops designed specifically for new mothers, and all exercises in our open classes can be adapted for postpartum women.

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