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Kirsten Murray

Kirsten Murray

Registered Osteopath


  • B.Sc.(Clin.Sc.)
  • M.H.Sc.(Osteo)

Kirsten completed a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Melbourne and given her interest in anatomy, physiology and the pursuit of optimal functioning of the human body, graduated with a Bachelor of Clinical Science and a Masters of Osteopathy degree at Victoria University.

Kirsten enjoys working with people of all ages and presenting with different medical conditions. She recognises the importance of considering all facets involved in the promotion of good health, physical resilience and wellbeing. She uses a holistic approach from diagnosis through to rehabilitation and ongoing maintenance for a variety of conditions. She does this by fostering supportive relationships with her patients and providing education and understanding of symptoms and their causes. She appreciates the need to be part of an integrated and comprehensive approach to treatment, often working with other health professionals and services. She has a hands on and gentle approach to treatment, using a variety of techniques such as massage, manipulation, and dry needling to achieve the best results.

Please contact Kirsten at with any inquires, alternatively online bookings are here.

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