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What is INPP (Institute for Neuro Physiological Psychology)?

The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP) was established in 1975 by Dr. Peter Blythe to research the effects of immaturity in the functioning of the central nervous system and how this affects learning, emotions, and behaviour.

What is Neuro Developmental Immaturity?

The term Neuro-Motor Immaturity (NMI), or Neuro-Developmental Delay (NDD) describes the omission or arrest of a stage of early development. Every normal, full term baby is born with a set of primitive or survival reflexes that are inhibited or controlled by higher centres in the brain during the first year of life.
If these are not inhibited at the correct time, they remain active involuntary responses in the body and may interfere with balance, motor control, eye functioning, hand eye coordination and perceptual skills.
If NDI is not properly diagnosed or identified, it may present as frustration, hyperactivity, stress, hypersensitivity, and emotional problems down the track. And also interfere with the child’s concentration and short term memory.

What conditions may be associated with NMI?

• Reading and writing difficulties
• Educational underachievement- consistently being told “you can do better”
• Dyslexia (reading difficulties)
• Dyspraxia (DCD) (clumsy child syndrome)
• Dysgraphia (writing problems)
• Co-ordination difficulties
• Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
• Concentration problems
• Asperger’s Syndrome
• Auditory processing difficulties
• Visual processing difficulties

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 How is NMI assessed ?

Growing Bones can help parents understand the reflex profile of their child through the use of the INPP assessment and screening program developed and used by Dr Peter Blythe and the Institute for Neuro Physiological Psychology since 1969.

How does the INPP treatment help children?

Based on the results of the INPP assessment and screening program, a home-based movement therapy program may be recommended. These programs include physical exercises that are based on the very early movements made by the developing child in the first few years of life. The exercises aim to retrain the reflex pathways in the brain, thereby improving the child’s balance, posture, voluntary movement, visual functioning and perceptual abilities.

Implementing the program requires approximately 10 minutes of daily activity over a period of 12 months.. Little to no equipment is necessary for conducting the movement therapy program at home. Regular follow up assessments are scheduled on a 6 – 8 week basis, with ongoing osteopathic support available between visits.

Overview of the Growing Bones Individualised Learning Support & INPP Program:

  • Screening questionnaire (Free);
  • Initial consultation to determine program suitability (1-1.5 hours);
  • Diagnostic assessment and exercise programme development (2 – 3 hours). Your child’s diagnostic initial assessment, at which the parent also needs to be present, consists of extensive but non-invasive neurological tests which assess a number of physical skills:

Balance and coordination
Gross and fine muscle coordination
Motor development and reflexes
Laterality (dominance of one side of the brain in controlling particular activities or functions, or of one of a pair of organs such as the eyes or hands)
Oculo-motor functioning (eyeball and eyelid movement)
Visual perception and motor integration

  • Report writing (2 hours)
  • Report reading and exercise programme establishment (1 hour);
  • Implementing the programme (5—10 minutes/day at home);
  • Follow up reviews at 6-8 weekly intervals (45-90 minutes). A standard movement therapy program is 12 months.
  • Osteopathic support

Please email melissa@growingbones.com.au for more information, or call the clinic on 03 9687 3040.

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