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Yoga for everybody!

On a physical level, yoga helps improve flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance. On a psychological level, yoga helps to cultivate mindfulness by shifting your awareness to the sensations, thoughts, and emotions that accompany a given pose or exercise.

Growing Bones believes yoga is a fantastic support to osteopathic care and health in general. Stretching, postural alignment, body awareness, and healthy breathing patterns are essential for health and Growing Bones offers Yoga for Mums and Bubs, Kids Yoga, Family Yoga, and various types of yoga for adults, including prenatal yoga for safe practice during pregnancy.

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Mother and daughter doing yoga exercise home. Mother and baby gymnastics.Yoga for Mum and Bub

Mums are welcomed along to Mum & Baby Yoga with their new babies to focus on healing after pregnancy and birth.
You will also be taught how to incorporate your baby into some poses and learn how to master some relaxation tools for this busy period.
Feeding or comfort of any kind is supported at all times during the class, we understand the needs of little ones.
This is a support group for Mums of little ones to get together, stretch, strengthen their bodies, rebuild their pelvic floor muscles, connect with their babies and find a little bit of space within themselves.
This course is structured so that each week we will focus on a particular body part, breaking down common issues and learning how to heal them.
Students are welcome once they have had their final check with their Doctor, which is usually about 6 weeks after birth or 12 weeks after a cesarean birth.

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Family & Kids Yoga

Family Yoga is a time and space for everyone to get together, have fun, move their bodies and relax. Little ones of all ages are welcome and adults are asked to participate. We are their role models after all!
Louise has years of experience with teaching children so she has a great understanding of their capabilities and needs.
Family Yoga classes are not like a normal adults class, they are geared towards having fun while being active. We will learn about our bodies and minds through games, songs, relaxation and mindfulness.
Please aim to arrive ten minutes early to let the children settle into their surroundings.

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Meet our Mum + Bub & Family Yoga Teacher- Louise Maguire

Louise, originally a Registered Nurse from Ireland, is committed to improving maternal health care through Yoga and Mindfulness.
She has been focused on Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga for the past two years and is currently studying to become a Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Doula.
"I feel the current healthcare system is missing some key elements in maternal care and I aim to bridge this gap through physical, emotional and spiritual support."
You can find out more information about Louise, including her recent blog posts on www.mammamudra.com

Prenatal Yoga - for Birth

Yoga for birth aims to:

  • Balance and free the stresses of the body through yoga, breath work, mantra and meditation
  • Use mindful movement to encourage optimal fetal positioning for birth
  • Embodiment practices to allow our natural calm state to arise
  • Explore active birth positions, the power of the breath and qualities of qi (energy)
  • Learn about women’s business in a fun, safe and down to earth environment
  • Discover your body through fluid rhythmic movement
  • Practice listening to your own intuition as a mother
  • Connect with other mothers and create community

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