• 30 Schild Street, Yarraville VIC 3013
  • 03 9687 3040

A nurturing space to explore yoga and dance movement for birth.

Yoga for birth aims to:

  • Balance and free the stresses of the body through yoga, breath work, mantra and meditation
  • Use mindful movement to encourage optimal fetal positioning for birth
  • Embodiment practices to allow our natural calm state to arise
  • Explore active birth positions, the power of the breath and qualities of qi (energy)
  • Learn about women’s business in a fun, safe and down to earth environment
  • Discover your body through fluid rhythmic movement
  • Practice listening to your own intuition as a mother
  • Connect with other mothers and create community


Meet our teacher, Kahmen Ceh

kahmenKahmen is an experienced doula with a passion for exploring the mind body connection and preserving traditional midwifery practices; both practical and those that address our spiritual needs. With a background in Chinese medicine her abilities as a remedial therapist, childbirth hypnosis practitioner, yoga and dance teacher, allow her to sit confidently in the sacred space of pregnancy, birth and beyond. As a mother of two, her trust in the natural birth process and down to earth nature creates a safe and functional space for families to learn and explore. A dancer from a young age and professional on the stage later in life, it has been a natural progression for her to combine the love of yoga, movement and childbirth together. With a specific interest in esoteric and spiritual dance expressions from traditional cultures such as Africa and Brazil, Kahmen uses her knowledge and experience to creatively inspire a unique prenatal yoga experience.