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Article May 15, 2020

Eating Healthy on a Budget

There can be a whole bunch of reasons for looking at budgeting and cutting back on food spending, saving for a holiday or a house,…

Article September 7, 2019

Easy Ways To Achieve Physical Health

National Recommendations for Weekly Exercise: – accumulate 150-300 minutes (2½-5 hours) of moderate intensity physical activity (ie, you can talk but not sing), OR– 75-150 minutes…

Article December 17, 2017

Return to Exercise After Childbirth

By Lauren Clarke – physiotherapist who works with pelvic floor and lactation concerns. Why is exercise important after giving birth? o Helps muscles affected by pregnancy…

Article 5 min read September 3, 2017

Coping with common discomforts of pregnancy

By Physiotherapist- Lauren ClarkeDuring pregnancy many physical changes occur which may cause concern for some women and have little or no impact on others. Below…

Article February 24, 2016

Self Care for Men

By Dr Dan Hanson As a man I can do so many things that can be detrimental to my health without even realising it. Like…

Article February 23, 2016

Self Care for Women

By Susanne Calman Self-care is vital to the health of a woman’s spirit no matter where she is in the cycle of her life. Yet…