Paediatric Osteopathy Melbourne

Encourage optimal physical development and recovery for growing bodies.


Our goal with osteopathic treatments for children is to remove physical tension and pain in the body that may be associated with common childhood conditions.

Paediatric osteopathy can also promote healthy body symmetry, proper postural alignment and seeks to nurture growing bodies as they transition into adolescence.

At Growing Bones, we have a special interest and years of experience working with infants, children, and teens. We have osteopaths recognised as advanced paediatric osteopaths with additional training and focus.

Children's Osteopath holding child's leg in the air

Paediatric Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy for children and babies involves subtly cradling and lightly massaging your child’s head, spine and body to feel for and release imbalances. Our aim is to foster healthy realignment, improve fluid dynamics and alleviate any muscular tension and stress resulting from environmental traumas.

In addition, our appointments also include gentle stretching, massage and take-home play based exercises for your kids to continue at home.

Common Paediatric Conditions presented to our Osteopaths

Conditions in children and infants commonly presenting to osteopaths include, but are not limited to:

  • Sporting injuries
  • Muscular strain, tension and restrictions associated with asthma
  • In-toeing (turning in of feet) / Out-toeing (turning out of feet)
  • Muscle strains and fatigue associated with growing pains
  • Minor strains and sprains resulting from injury
  • Primary headaches resulting from muscular tension
  • Children with persistent health conditions, physical challenges, or issues related to their growth, development, posture, or mobility.
  • Babies needing assistance after birth
  • Babies Who are having difficulty breastfeeding
  • Babies with Flat Head Syndrome
  • Abnormal Crawling in Babies
  • Unsettled infants
  • Families seeking advice on normal developmental milestones and growth

Osteopathy for Teenagers

The transition from childhood into adolescence is typically accompanied by growth spurts, a drastic shift in hormonal levels and significant musculoskeletal changes.

We help ease this transition by providing a wide range of osteopathic treatments for teenagers.

Typical adolescent conditions we screen and manage include scoliosis, and treat poor posture from studying and excessive screen use.

We can diagnose conditions such as Sever’s disease, which is a pain located in the back of the heel bone where the growth plate is. We can address muscle and joint restriction which may be contributing to the condition. We also recognise Osgood-Schlatter Disease (Knee Pain). We may be able to use gentle joint mobilisation and muscle tension release to help reduce the effects of extra strain put through the knee and hip joints.

We also recognise that a teenager’s years are typically spent pushing the limits of physicality, especially in the realm of sports. Therefore, a significant portion of our treatments for adolescents tends to focus on the importance of postural strength and how to build and maintain it, plus relieving muscular tension and joint/ligament sprains from sporting injuries to bring about better body balance.

Female osteopath assessing a teen with hands on back


We have one clinic in Yaraville, AUS. Our clinic is located 7km west of Melbourne city centre, at 30 Schild Street, Yarraville. Easy to locate in the heart of Yarraville shopping district, our clinic ensures patient privacy while providing a bright and cosy environment to facilitate relaxation during treatment. Children are welcome to all appointments, and toys and drawing materials are provided to keep little hands occupied as the osteopath obtains information about your, or your child’s, presentation. If you need help getting to our clinic, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Treat Children's Strain Before it Becomes a Pain

Using osteopathic treatments, you can identify physical strains and restrictions in your children and then treat them before they become a bigger issue.

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Osteopaths for Children

We have special interest and years of experience working with children. Our senior osteopath and Advanced Paediatric Osteopath regularly collaborates and shares their extensive knowledge with our whole osteopathic team.

Limited Spots Available

Paediatric osteopathy is fast gaining popularity as a treatment option for children. Book your appointment today to reserve a spot!

What techniques do we use?

Our team of osteopaths apply a wide range of physical treatments using their hands. All treatments involving children are done using very light pressure and selected to ensure patient comfort.

Soft tissue massage Articulation Biodynamic/cranial-sacral osteopathy Stretching

The Growing Bones Difference

We have a holistic team of practitioners that work together to ensure that we're getting you the best results for your pain, mobility and quality of life. Here's just a few things that set us apart from other Osteos in Melbourne.

3 osteopaths smiling with coffee in Growing Bones Melbourne clinic

Family-centred care

Young families come to us because we have a special interest in working with infants, children & pregnant women. We have all undertaken relevant postgraduate study and we have vast experience in the area.

97% 5-star feedback

Our customers love us because of our exceptional, highly qualified practitioners, our warm & friendly manner with adults & children alike, and how well we explain things.

Education & empowerment

We empower you to feel confident about the wellness journey you’re on. We help you to gain clarity on your treatment plan and teach you ways to continue the healing outside of the Clinic so it easily fits in with your lifestyle.

Our Children's Osteopathic Team

Our team of osteopaths are experienced professionals that believe in taking a holistic approach to supporting optimal health and wellness in their patients.

Melissa McDougall

Senior Osteopath & Advanced Paediatric Osteopath
Special interests: infants and children, pregnancy, sports, adults

Janine Symington

Senior Osteopath
Special interests: infants and children, pregnancy, sports, adults, dry needling

Paris MacGibbon

Registered Osteopath
Special interests: children (5+ years), pregnancy, adults, dry needling

Jess Loughnan

Registered Osteopath
Special interests: adults, children (5+ years), pregnancy, sports, dry needling

Rebecca Gunn

Registered Osteopath
Special interests: adults, children (5+ years), pregnancy, sports, dry needling


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Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to feel completely comfortable using our service. If you still have any queries, please Contact Us

What is an Advanced Paediatric Osteopath?

In Australia, an Advanced Paediatric Osteopath is distinguished by their enhanced expertise in the field of paediatrics. This recognition signifies their advanced scope of Osteopathy practice specifically tailored to paediatrics, ensuring they've met the stringent professional standards required to effectively manage paediatric patients across all age brackets.

Osteopathy Australia acknowledges members who possess clinical proficiencies exceeding general osteopathy.

At Growing Bones, we have a special interest and years of experience working with infants, and we have osteopaths who are recognised as Advanced Paediatric Osteopaths.

Is Osteopathy Safe for Children?

If your child has any significant health issues that you believe could be complicated through our treatment, we recommend you check with a health practitioner before booking a session with us. When treating children, your osteopath only needs to use a very light touch and movement. We use a pressure that is comfortable with your child, and continue to check with them to ensure they are comfortable throughout.

What are the Benefits of Osteopathy for Children?

Osteopathic treatment aims to facilitate healthy function in all areas of children and growing bodies by freeing up muscles and joints, improving blood flow and maintaining body symmetry for balanced growth.

We can treat a range of injuries and presentations in children. If you’re unsure whether Osteopathy can help your child, please contact us here.

Does Osteopathy Help with Asthma in Children?

Our osteopaths are trained to identify and treat areas of rib cage restriction and muscular attention often associated with asthma. There is no conclusive evidence that Osteopathy can treat the symptoms of Asthma. Our Osteopaths use massage, stretching and joint articulation applied to the diaphragm and accessory muscles of breathing with the aim of improving chest mechanics, posture & relieving general muscle tension.

How does paediatric cranial osteopathy differ from standard osteopathy?

Paediatric cranial osteopathy involves gentle manipulation and light massage techniques to a child's body, primarily the head, spine, and torso. It is a more subtle approach, intended to promote alignment and potentially enhance bodily fluid dynamics.

What common conditions in children can osteopathy assess?

For Children Over 5 Years:
Our osteopaths frequently assess children over 5 years old for conditions such as sporting injuries, ribcage restrictions and muscular tension commonly associated with asthma and recurrent respiratory tract infections, in-toeing and out-toeing, strains that may be related to growing pains, minor strains and sprains, and primary headaches caused by muscular tension.
For Children Under 5 Years:
In younger children, especially those under 5 years old, our osteopaths focus on assessing and addressing issues like developmental milestones, head preference or flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly), and difficulties related to breastfeeding. These early years are crucial for a child’s development, and osteopathy can play a significant role in ensuring they meet their developmental milestones and overcome any early childhood musculoskeletal challenges.

My teenager has posture issues from excessive screen use. Can osteopathy help?

The transition into adolescence brings significant musculoskeletal changes. We strive to identify and potentially manage conditions like posture concerns resulting from extensive screen use and other adolescent-specific conditions, such as scoliosis, which can often progress during puberty.

How can osteopathy aid in treating sports-related issues in teenagers?

Given that many teenagers actively engage in sports, our treatments for adolescents aim to relieve muscular tension and address joint/ligament sprains, promoting better body balance.

What osteopathic techniques are applied when treating children?

Our osteopaths use a variety of gentle techniques, always prioritising patient comfort and safety in treating children. These may include soft tissue massage, articulation, biodynamic/cranial-sacral osteopathy, and stretching.

It's important to note that at Growing Bones, we do not practice joint manipulation (commonly known as 'cracking') on children. Our approach is tailored to the unique needs of young patients, ensuring a nurturing environment for their treatment.

What to expect at your child’s initial osteopathic/movement therapy appointment:

Firstly, the osteopath will ask some questions to identify any factors contributing to presenting symptoms and functional concerns expressed by the child’s caregiver. They will then observe the child's whole body posture.

Assessment may include the osteopath gently moving your child’s body and depending on the child's age and ability, asking the child to actively move their body in certain ways.

Any imbalances or restrictions noted are then related to the child’s current function. The goal of osteopathic treatment and exercise prescription is to restore balance in the child’s body, to improve all areas of function.

Do osteopaths treat babies?

Yes, we treat babies too. At Growing Bones we have special interest and years of experience working with infants, and have multiple osteopaths who are recognised as advanced paediatric osteopaths with additional training and focus.

For more information visit our Osteopath for Babies page. Alternatively, contact us if you have any questions.

How long will my child's appointment take?

Your child’s first osteopathic consultation will be one full hour to allow ample time for their osteopath to fully understand the history of their condition, thoroughly assess their presenting complaint, and ascertain the best individualised treatment approach.

Subsequent consults at 30 minutes are standard. You have the option of 45 minute subsequent consults for more complex or chronic conditions.

How many appointments will my child need?

This depends on your child’s condition. Your osteopath will discuss this with you during your consultation.

How much does an appointment cost?

For Babies and Toddlers: Initial consultations with our Senior Osteopaths are 60 minutes, with subsequent consults being 30 minutes.

For Older Children: Initial consultations are 60 minutes, with subsequent standard consults being 30 minutes and long subsequent consults lasting 45 minutes.

For the most current pricing information, please refer to our online booking page. We keep our booking page updated with the latest pricing to ensure you have the most accurate information when scheduling your appointment.

What should my child wear to an appointment?

It’s important that your child feels comfortable, so if they wear a comfortable top and loose pants or bring a pair of shorts to change into.

What do I need to bring?

Bring along any X-rays, scans or test results that you may have.

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