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Osteopathic Massage is remedial massage applied with osteopathic knowledge.

osteopathy-imageOsteopathic massage is a holistic ‘whole body’, soft-tissue focused form of massage that incorporates both osteopathic and stretching techniques.

Osteopathic massage aims to free up restrictions or stiffness within muscles and joints to not only improve the body’s movement and posture but also blood flow and lymphatic drainage for improved tissue health.

Conditions that may benefit from osteopathic massage include:

  • Lower back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Muscular aches and stiffness
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Stress-related tension
  • Poor posture and postural concerns
  • Sporting or repetitive strain injuries
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow
  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Pregnancy-related back pain
  • Sports injuries
    ….and much more!


What is the difference between osteopathy vs. osteopathic massage?

Osteopathic massage may be a good option for those who respond well to massage and stretching and are looking for a more ‘all over body’, holistic osteopathic approach rather than a focus on any specific injury or ailment. Osteopathic massage is also ideal if you’re in need of a general treatment for non-specific aches, pains and physical fatigue -- rather than an in-depth osteopathic treatment for a specific issue or injury.

If you do have a specific injury, illness, or pain, traditional osteopathic treatment is a better option. Osteopathic treatment involves a comprehensive case history and clinical examination to determine the cause of pain, along with an individualised approach to treatment including joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage, stretching, and exercise prescription. Please ask your osteopath if in doubt about what type of treatment would work best for your situation.


What to expect from your osteopathic massage session:

Our osteopaths, Paris MacGibbon, James Goetz, Kirsten Murray and Stephanie Trembath, perform osteopathic massage in addition to their osteopathic consultations.

Your first consultation will include a short case history followed by a physical examination assessing your posture, muscle balance, spinal alignment, and joint function of pelvis and spine. The osteopathic massage technique used is quite relaxing but in-depth at the same time. Your osteopath will use therapeutic massage techniques and gentle rocking motions to influence joint mobility and muscle relaxation, focusing on specific areas, and the body as a whole. As restrictions in the body are located, they are massaged, stretched and ‘rocked’ to relax and release muscles and joints, and improve blood flow to the area.

Most of our clients report feeling quite relaxed and refreshed at the end of their osteopathic massage session. You may want to go home and relax afterwards to allow your body to integrate the treatment.

Osteopathic massage consultations may also include homework including postural advice and exercise or stretching programs.

Private health insurance claims are available under osteopathy items.

If you have any questions please call us on 03 9687 3040, or make an appointment using our secure online booking tool.


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