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Dry needling is great conjunctive therapy to Osteopathy or Massage Therapy.

What is it?

Muscles that are sore and tense often have tender spots in them that are called trigger points, commonly know as “knots”. These points are the focus of a dry needling treatment, whereby fine filament needles are used to release these points. Releasing these points can improve the ability of the muscle to contract and release, consequently improving the function of surrounding joints, nerves and vessels.

Do I need Dry Needling?

Dry needling compliments manual therapy whereby it helps relieve trigger points. These points can develop for a number of reasons;
• Stress
• Postural strains
• Repetitive strains
• Sports injuries

Does it hurt?

Everyone’s perception of dry needling is different. The common responses are;
• Muscle twitching
• Dull ache
• Pulsating sensation
• Or no pain at all

However when patients do experience these signs they typically subside quickly, often resulting in a decrease in symptoms.

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