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Lauren Clarke Profile Picture low resLauren Clarke is a Physiotherapist who works with Pelvic Floor and Lactation concerns.

Lauren became interested in pelvic floor health after seeing how easily a person’s quality of life could be affected by their symptoms when treating patients with non-pelvic floor issues in the early years of her career. She saw that those she was caring for with pelvic floor problems could not exercise or participate in many aspects of day-to-day life that we often take for granted without bothersome and sometimes embarrassing symptoms. She wanted to do what she could to help and began additional postgraduate training at The University of Melbourne in the areas of pelvic floor rehabilitation and exercise for women across the lifespan. She has worked in these fields over the last seven years across both public and private health.

Her main clinical areas of interest are pelvic floor muscle dysfunction (that may include urinary or faecal incontinence, vaginal prolapse, sexual or chronic pelvic pain) and conditions associated with the lactating breast. She also treats pre and postnatal women with musculoskeletal pain and really enjoys assisting these women to help to return to the exercise and sport that they love.

Lauren is able to treat females, males and children. She is passionate about empowering individuals to help to manage their own health via exercise and lifestyle changes.

Lauren is also employed as a senior clinician at Sunshine Hospital where she works on both the gynaecology and maternity wards as well as in outpatients managing the conditions mentioned above.

Outside of work Lauren enjoys keeping fit with trail running and bushwalking, and spending time with her two young daughters.

Feel you may need to see a physiotherapist who works with pelvic floor concerns?

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