Self Care for Women

Self Care for Women

Published on February 23, 2016

By Susanne Calman

Self-care is vital to the health of a woman’s spirit no matter where she is in the cycle of her life. Yet as a therapist I see women continually stopping themselves from taking time out to relax, they deny themselves the very things that would nourish their feminine spirit. Why do we feel guilty + selfish for caring for our needs?

The saying “happy wife, happy life” makes everyone laugh but it’s true. The woman is the centre and harmony of the home and when she is happy her loved ones benefit and the home feels more harmonious. If you reflect on when you visit your parents you notice that you seek out your mother first then you will chat to Dad! Why….because she is the centre of life! 

It’s not selfish to take care of your own needs rather it’s empowering, loving, kind and it sends a very strong message to those around you that your needs matter – YOU matter! What message are you currently sending out?

The modern woman is craving a more balanced life that supports her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and the art of self-care is key…it’s the balance of giving + receiving and it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money either!

Do you look after everyone else at the expense of your own emotional care & wellbeing? Yes?…. keep reading.

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Ask yourself these questions and listen to your answer…

  • Who or what drains, depletes or diminishes your energy?
  • What commitments could you let go of to give yourself more time + space?
  • What uplifts your energy + makes you feel good?

A woman does not blossom from deprivation……She blossoms from nurturance, attention, care, respect, being heard, being valued, being honoured and being loved.

Is your life telling you to slow down so you can re-charge your batteries? Have you forgotten you even have needs?

I have created a few self-care rituals + daily tips… Do the one that speaks to you…

Bath Time Ritual: A tonic for the weary soul
Run a bath in the early evening. Light some beautiful scented candles, turn off your phone
To the bathwater add 1 pkt of Epsom salts + 1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar (to cleanse the aura)
Add sprigs of Lavender, Thyme or Rosemary to scent the water (whatever you have in the garden)
Put a face masque on + wallow until the water cools. Shower to rinse off and hop into bed for a sound restorative sleep.

Gratitude Candle: Soothe the mind + heart
Have a scented candle on your bedside table – light it as you prepare for bed allowing the scent to fill your bedroom Before you fall asleep – gaze into the flame and reflect on 3 things you are grateful for from that day. 
Breath the energy of gratitude into your heart + mind
. Feeling grateful for all that you do have (instead of what you don’t have). Blow the candle out + the day away…..

Re-set your mind: Your mind can be your best friend or worst enemy
If your re-hashing old stories or focusing on thoughts that drag you down + zap your energy try this simple exercise.
Ask yourself “who would I be without this thought” … sometimes you need to be relentless with the question. 
This question brings you into the present moment where you have the choice to continue on or think thoughts that support you. .

Your Self-Care To-do-list:
Take time out for self-reflection through journaling, walking in nature, soul-full conversations with friends
Allow space in your life for silence, simplicity, stillness + solitude
Spring clean your home + make it feel beautiful 
Put on a face mask, turn the phones off & lay down & listen to a relaxation CD once a week
Say NO to things/people that don’t light you up from the inside out
Eat foods that are compatible for your body
Lift your mood with music, candles, aroma, read/watch inspirational things 
Turn off the news whilst preparing your dinner + turn on some music or enjoy silence.
Sit down to eat with NO TV, texting, reading the paper or doing work.
Detox from technology when you feel overwhelmed
See yourself as you wish to be

Add to this list with your own ideas……no limitations. I have kept this list to low cost but add in massages, facials, movies etc..

Self-care is a simple way to pull you away from the fast paced high tech world into a more simple way of living + being that honours your soul. When you honour your interior life you will quite simply…. feel better!

Susanne Calman has been helping women to feel rejuvenated for over 28 years through yoga, retreats and reiki. Her fertility course has helped many women to achieve their dream of becoming a mother…She is passionate about the healing art of self-care.

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