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Benefits of Independent Birth Education

Independent Birth Education is delivered by professionals that are experts in giving impartial information so you can plan for ‘your’ best birth. Ideally they have experience working with women as a midwife or doula as this helps in their understanding of how the skills and techniques they are teaching can be used in labour and in the hospital system.

Private education is not based on hospital polices. Hospitals classes can be limited in what they can provide, and are often more of an induction than education. Offering information about what to take to hospital, medical pain relief and a hospital tour, all of which are helpful information but are not going to get you through the labour.


Quality education covers:

· The stages of labour and how to work through each stage (in detail)

· How partners can best support you

· Understanding the mind and body connection in birth

· Calming your fears and to understand how well your body is designed to birth

· How your hormones help you through the labour

· Breathing and relaxation techniques

· Working with your body to make room for baby, best positions for birth

· Benefits of a birth plan

· How to navigate when things don’t go according to plan

Being educated about birth will help you feel prepared and confident going into the labour and stepping into Motherhood!

Jules Brooks

Mother, Doula and Calmbirth Practitioner

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