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Getting It DONE!


By Osteopath, Melissa McDougall

  1. Visit a professional.  We can spend a huge amount of time trying to research the best diets, exercises, ways to meditate, settle our baby.  A really good place to start is to visit a professional in the field- they have SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE and can easily apply the most relevant bits to you, map out an action plan, and help you understand more about your body. 
  2. Do it first thing. Either in the morning or as soon as the kids are in bed, pick a time at DO IT FIRST.  This maybe exercise, study, meal prep… Choose a time of the day that you have to yourself and do it before anything else.
  3. Do it every day.  It’s very natural to put off doing something that requires a lot of energy (mental or physical) but it is much easier if that thing becomes a habit… So do it every day!  If it is mediation, exercise, or taking supplements - try and do what ever it is everyday so it becomes a habit, not a hill to climb. 
  4. Do it little and often.  Often the hardest part is showing up, once you are there you just put in the work.  5 minutes is better than nothing, and often if you are there for 5 you’ll stay for 10 😉
  5. Try and make it social. Exercise or join a pilates class with a friend, meditate with your partner, catch up for a healthy dinner with a friend.. of course not practical all the time, but when you can make your goals social they are more enjoyable and you are more likely to stick at them!
  6. Tidy and organise. If you are putting off beginning a task, prep for it.  Tidy your desk, create a beautiful spot to meditate, dust off your yoga mat and therabands, flick though healthy cookbooks.  Get you head in the zone, and often action will follow. 
  7. Write down goals. Dream big.  Then set out practical short term steps to move you in that direction- stick the most important one to your bathroom mirror.  I read a great quote the other day: START WHERE YOU ARE. USE WHAT YOU HAVE. DO WHAT YOU CAN.  It was actually about permaculture, but pretty much applies to everything in life!
  8. Remind yourself HOW GOOD YOU WILL FEEL once you’ve done it.


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