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David Gobbo

David Gobbo

Registered Osteopath

David is a passionate, resourceful and well rounded osteopath who aims to empower clients to achieve their health goals.

David has extensive experience in healthcare; from humble beginnings as a remedial massage therapist & myotherapist to beginning practice as an osteopath after completing his studies at Victoria University in 2018. He has even previously run his own small practice. After over a decade of working in healthcare, he has built a strong understanding of osteopathic principles.

David has extensive soft tissue expertise and uses a combination of hands on treatment, dry needling and cupping. David is extremely competent in direct osteopathic techniques including HVLA manipulation and incorporates a variety of rehabilitative exercises, drawn from a background in strength training, weightlifting and martial arts. He also may incorporate indirect techniques into sessions such as BLT and counter strain. David works with a variety of age groups, including children, adolescents, adults, athletes, pre and postnatal care and the elderly population.

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