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Telehealth Online Appointments - Osteopathy

If you have been used to the skilful hands of your osteopath, you may be wondering how an online osteopathic appointment works... Do you know that what you tell your osteopath at each appointment makes up 80% of your diagnosis? Osteopaths use their hands to help relieve physical tension and resolve postural imbalance - and with their guidance, you can achieve similar results though stretching and exercise.

What to expect from your Online Osteopathic Appointment:

  • We will take a detailed history of the problem over video call
  • You may be asked to try to move in certain ways to understand what movements aggravative your pain. If the appointment is for your child, we may ask to observe them feeding or playing.
  • We will share with you our diagnosis and recommendations - heat or ice, rest or remaining active, for children there may be certain things to encourage or avoid.
  • We will then talk you through a series of stretches and exercises, using clinical reasoning to treat the problem. For children, this may be ways you hold them or position them.
  • At the end of the consultation, we will send you a comprehensive stretching and exercise program for you to continue with.
  • At any time, you can contact the clinic and your osteopath will be able to speak with you on the phone
  • As soon as you are able, we'd love to follow up with you in clinic - so keep in touch!
Telehealth Online Appointments - Osteopathy (30min consult, plus home exercise program)  - $60  (save $45)  

Telehealth Online Appointments - Physiotherapy

Telehealth physiotherapy involves consultation over a secure video platform to provide assessment, diagnosis, a treatment plan and follow-up treatment as required. There is an extensive amount of research that supports many aspects of physiotherapy management being successful through telehealth. Treatment does not rely on hands intervention. Education and supervised exercise programs can help you manage:
  • Pregnancy-related back and pelvic pain
  • Abdominal muscle separation
  • Pelvic floor conditions such as bladder and bowel incontinence or urgency, vaginal prolapse and sexual pain
  • Return to exercise in the postnatal period
  • General ante and postnatal education
  • Active birth skills
  • Mastitis and blocked ducts.
If you are unsure if your condition is suitable for telehealth assistance, please email us and we can assist you. Telehealth Online Appointments - Physiotherapy (30min)  - $60  (save $45)  

Telehealth Online Appointments - Nutrition

Nutrition consultations can occur in a very similar to way that they do face to face, via video.
How it works:
Clara will send you a zoom online meeting link. All you need is a computer with a camera and microphone.
We will discuss your health goals as well as any health concerns you may have both past and present and how we can address them with nutritional medicine.
You will receive a detailed and realistic treatment plan to help you reach your goals including dietary and lifestyle changes and if indicated sometimes a nutrient supplement prescription.
Telehealth Online Appointments - Nutrition-  Initial (90min)  - $150 / Subsequent (60min) $90

Telehealth Online Appointments - Naturopathy

An online naturopathic consult works almost identically to a face to face one with the exception of iris, tongue and nail analysis and physical assessments like blood pressure and zinc tally testing (Renee may ask you to send photos of your nails and tongue and blood tests for further analysis however).
During your online consult, Renee will take a detailed history of your health concern and gather information about current medications, diet and relevant body systems. Your comprehensive treatment plan detailing dietary and lifestyle advice will be sent via email with any recommended herbs and nutrients/supplements prescribed delivered to your home via post. For return clients, I will review and assess your health concern, discuss and action health goals and gather further information about relevant body systems.
Acute consults are primarily intended for the symptomatic relief of acute illnesses or symptoms such as cold, flu, gastro, infection (sinus, ear etc), migraine and period pain. This is a shorter consult where Renee will gather information about your symptoms and tailor a treatment plan that may include nutrients and/or herbal tinctures for symptomatic relief.
Telehealth Online Appointments - Naturopathy-  Initial (60min)  - $150 / Subsequent (30min) $90

Telehealth Online Appointments - Aromatherapy

In place of face to face consultation and massage treatments Sonya can provide consultation via phone or Skype. A thorough consultation is taken to determine your physical and psychological health to ensure essential oil treatments can be prescribed specific to your needs. Personal massage techniques and lifestyle measures which could be beneficial can also be discussed. Sonya can also provide guidance if you have a selection of essential oils at home but are unsure on the most appropriate ways to use them. Personalised aromatic remedies can be employed to treat many health complaints and enhance well-being.  Aromatic treatments can be beneficial for:
  • colds & flu, immune support, gastrointestinal disorders
  • pregnancy related issues such as morning sickness, muscular aches, carpal tunnel, skin changes, fluid retention etc
  • birth preparation and support through labour
  • postnatal support including breastfeeding problems
  • stress, anxiety and depression
  • physical and emotional ailments of babies and children
Telehealth Online Appointments - Aromatherapy- New Clients $45 (save $45) / Return Clients $35 (save $55)  

Telehealth Online Appointments - Traditional East Asian Medicine

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