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Osteopathic care for the elderly aims to maintain flexibility in the body structure for pain free quality of life. By working on the structure of the adult body, osteopathy may assist in muscle relaxation, joint flexibility, healthy blood flow and postural balance.


Conditions in older age commonly presenting to osteopaths include, but are not limited to:

Maintenance of functional mobility and postural balance

Neck and back pain

Shoulder pain

Pelvic, leg or foot pain

Arthritic symptoms

Osteoporosis (for postural health)

Sluggish circulation and swelling

Digestive discomfort

Recurrent respiratory congestion & breathing difficulty

Headaches and eyestrain

Dizziness and inner ear conditions

Rehabilitation post surgery


It is important to note that osteopathic care does not claim to cure any of the conditions listed above.  The osteopath’s role is to remove physical tension in the body using gentle and safe techniques that may contribute to many symptoms common in elderly individuals. 

Osteopathy is very safe, gentle and can provide a great deal of relief to even the most elderly individuals.  Our clinic has ramp access to ensure getting to and from your treatment remains easy, stress-free and enjoyable.


To find out is osteopathy is suitable for you, you are welcome to speak with our osteopath.

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