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At Growing Bones, we work to keep the flexibility and adaptability of the adult body equal to that of a child.

Physical growth moves the body from infancy to adulthood.  The adult body is taller, heavier and generally less flexible with regards to movement and function; and together these changes can make adults just a little more prone to injury.


Adult conditions commonly presenting to osteopaths include, but are not limited to:


Neck and back pain

Shoulder, arm or hand pain

Carpal tunnel symptoms

Pelvic, leg or foot pain

Arthritic symptoms

Shin splints



Digestive discomfort

Recurrent respiratory infections


Menstrual pain (females)

Preparation for pregnancy (females)


Research suggests that osteopathic manipulative treatment significantly reduces low back pain, neck pain and headaches.  Our osteopath has seven years experience successfully treating a wide range of adult conditions and pain presentations.


To find out is osteopathy is suitable for you, you are welcome to speak with our osteopath.

To enquire about our services or make an appointment, please contact us on (03) 9687 3040.